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Prices start from $372,950. A move-in-ready Prescott Plan at Durango Trail measures 2,796 square feet with four bedrooms, three baths, three-car garage, covered patio, backyard landscaping, window coverings and buyer’s selection of flooring. It is priced Life can be pretty chaotic: our jobs, our homes, and our families can make a lot of demands on our time. But one of life’s most soothing resources can be found right in your own backyard. Landscapes that provide a feeling of peace and tranquility are not Gourley, who has been a landscape architect for 18 years, will focus on helping gardeners to incorporate edible plants into their backyard gardens. “I believe that edible landscaping is important because we sometimes lose touch with the process of where Another new addition to the backyard landscape is iguanas, inadvertently introduced from South America; they sun themselves on the sea wall like green gargoyles. Another form of immigrant, I guess. Recently, I read that rising seas, one of the consequences And since we’ve been waiting for this season since we last saw it, we’ve rounded up some picture-perfect fall backyards to revel in wash of yellow and orange foliage, this backyard is fall nirvana. Asian Landscape by Hampton Falls Landscape Contractors Question: I am considering using rubber mulch in my landscape. I am concerned about its toxicity, however. Will it kill plants or hurt people? Is one kind of rubber mulch safer than others? Answer: You mean, you’re not just running copies of The Wall .

Fresh produce from the garden is one of the simplest delights of summer. What’s not to like about wiping off and biting into a tomato, cucumber or sugar snap peas still warm from the sun! Many of us do not have a yard large enough for a vegetable patch FAIRFIELD, Ohio – Outdoor drownings aren’t limited to swimming pools or lakes or oceans, as we were tragically reminded Sunday night. A few inches of water – even in a landscape pond – can kill a young child in just seconds. It was chaotic Sunday Jim Williams has been watching birds and writing about their antics since before “Gilligan’s Island” went into reruns. Join him for his unique insights, his everyday adventures and an open conversation about the birds in your back yard and beyond. A fire pit is quite doable for anyone with a backyard who wants to create a relaxing evening Pricey built-in fire pit This traditional fire pit in the landscape can cost a pretty penny. Designed with materials that tie into architecture, these are .

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